Matched With Professor


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‘Dry yourself. Leave now.’
‘I told you to leave. Alice is coming up.’
‘Who’s Alice?! What’s wrong with you?!’
‘The one you saw last night. ’
‘So you prefer her to me?’
‘Do you really think I would give up someone who offered an investment of $100milion in my company for you?’
What if you had one-night-sex with a guy you met on Tinder but it turned out he is your professor and a billionaire?
What if you started falling for him but he turned out to be a notorious playboy and dumped you suddenly?
What if you happened to work for his younger half-brother who hates him also?

Let the revenging war on.


Tags: BillionairePossessiveOne-night StandTeacherxStudentSecond ChanceGoodgirlCEODramaTwistedBxG
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