Matched With Professor


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What girl would not fall for her charming professor, who is also a millionaire?
Kate falls.
What man would not love the cool, smart, complicated, gorgeous girl ?
Nathan loves.
A college girl named Kate, 22. She just broke up with her ‘boyfriend’ Jack ,who had an another girlfriend in his home town city. He lied to her. She should have known that since a couple months ago. But she chose to neglect that hurting signal. In the end, it hurts like suffering on the end of the world.

A mobile game develop entrepreneur named Nathan,28, one of 30 under 30 Forbes . He got invited to give lectures on the topic of how to make a successful start-up. He is an eligible bachelor but a play boy.

The two met on Tinder and had an enjoyable one-night sex

However it turns out that Kate is in Nathan’s class…


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kate’s pov   

(At Nathan’s place)

‘Here I present you the one and the only cocktail created by Master Nathan’  He dramatically put a glass of drink on the bar in front of me.

‘Wow. Thank you Mr.Master.’ I try my best to control laughs when sipping the cocktail. It’s actually just mixed with whi……