The Possessive Choice Mate


JK Bartolome Romance

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Mark is the Wolf Fang Alpha. A mate-less and lonely Alpha. His sister and mate was killed by his best-friend. He became the “Rogues Killer” for years but one day he changed. He met someone that changes his whole Life forever.

Wendy was born a Beta Female. Never in her life she thinks that one day her mate will reject her for power. She left and try to move on in her life. After few years of being a rogue, she encountered a man that will change her life forever. A man that she chose to become her choice mate.


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Chapter 11 - Ice cream

I knock on his office door and he let me in. but I’ve been standing here for more that five minutes but he didn’t say anything.

His actions get into my nerves. His looking to the papers he’s working on.

“Mark, are you going to ignore me?” I asked impatiently. I’m getting irritated on his actions.

He looks at me but get back ……