Some Other Day (2)

miss sojisub Romance

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“Even in this far away land faith still got us meet each other again. Can I be with him again? But why do I keep making the same mistake? ” (Baek Ji-A)

“So it seems like you’re doing fine without me, well I’m not. But like I said, I won’t ask you to come back. You are the one who should ask that. Its hard to be with me, but at least please try to love me.” (Park Hui-Jun)

“She know, but she still despise me. I still can only stand and watch her from the other side of where she’s stand. This kind of love is tiring, but I refuse to give up. I’ve been loving her for 20 years it won’t hurt to wait another year or o I think...” (Cha Gyeong-Su)


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