The Mafia's Hostage

Patience Mweemba Romance

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I never watch when my Father beats and tortures his victims. I'm a sensitive person and I don't like seeing others in pain. The sounds of their helpless screams and cries haunted me, even in my sleep. I constantly think about how I could have helped them and prevented deaths, somehow. My Father on the other hand is a ruthless and merciless killer and always enjoys others' discomfort and suffering. What's most sickening is the fact that he can do all those things and still be classified as a human being, more importantly, he gets away with it.

He always refers to me as a 'weak disgrace' and always tells me that I am an embarrassment to the whole Family. I used to pretend to brush it off most of the time and made it seem like his words didn't get to me, but they always did.

I'm the Don's daughter and I'm expected to be just like my father. Mean, ruthless, uncaring...

A killer.


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I leave Demetrio’s room, taking a deep breath to calm myself from such a heated discussion. Things are not going to go back to normal any time soon, I know that. I’ve lost part of my best friend and it’s gonna take a while before I get him back. All I can do in the meantime is focus on leading my Family. I walk through the ……