Death is Only the Beginning


Cat Smith Suspense/Thriller

252 reads

What happens when the past can't stay buried forever? A secret that comes to light and binds classmate's together in the worst possible way. When revenge is sought and life becomes escape or die. Someone is out to deliver their own version of justice and they won't stop until every last one of the perpetrators are dead. When Casey mistakenly goes in another's place to a holiday in place of her her room mate, she find's herself surrounded by strangers and not the holiday she had imagined when Sshe and the others find themselves having to go through punishments in order to survive. Someone wants Casey to know the truth even as she is forced to avoid and escape a person who is hellbent on a mission for revenge. Will she survive? Will anyone else? Will she discover the truth behind the person's motives or will she be left in the dark with a secret that these strangers don't want to get out?.


Tags: revengekickass heroineconfidentbxgmysteryscaryhigh-tech worldpunishmentvictimESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1
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Casey and Kenneth Epilogue

She stared at the computer screen intently, watching closely in case the woman was in danger, the earpiece she wore clearly picking up every sound and noise perfectly and clearly. Her men were in position, hidden within the chaotic crowd of the pub, also discreetly screening the place for any danger or signs of the woman and man she was with lea……


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