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A moan escapes me when his lips graze mine.

"Please stop," I beg him in a whisper, I can barely hear myself. "I am with your brother."

He sneers.

"Yeah! Yet here you are. In my room, in my arms, your little perfect body itching for my touch and your eyes begging me to f**k you!"


After losing her parents, Riona moves to her aunt's place, in New York.

She meets Leo, who helps her get settled in, and the two get to spend a lot of time together.

After hanging out with him for a week, she is convinced that he is her better half and the two agrees to take it to the next level, but everything takes a turn when Riona meets Aycn, Leo's mysterious brother.

Leo and Rio have so much in common, they are both kind, humble, selfless and everything good. But Aycn is quite the opposite, he is arrogant, mean, cold, and mysterious.

What happens when two brothers are after the same girl?

Stuck in a love triangle with two brothers, Riona has to choose. But there is a problem, she can't choose between the mysterious Aycn and the sweet Leo.

Or is it okay to love them both?


Tags: darkforbiddenlove-trianglepossessiveopposites attractbadboygoodgirlbxgcampusWriting AcademyYA Fiction Writing ContestWriting Academy
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Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well?

So, you'all know I have been complaining about my health. It got worse this month and I have been in and out of the hospital for days. I got admitted a few days ago and I am not sure when they'll discharge me but once I recover and I pray it will be soon I will try and finish the book……


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