Bewitching The Mafia (Mafia Series #1)


Ankita Kundu Romance

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"Leave me in this instant," I said with gritted my teeth.
"What will you do if I don't?" He challenged.
"Something that you couldn't even imagine in your dream," I said as I was feeling like a fire burning in my bones.
He roughly pulled me to him while held my waist in a strong grip.
He said with a cold expression on his face, "You better watch to whom you are speaking. I am not someone you should mess with. You must obey me and follow my orders."
I grabbed his collar, and our tips of the nose were touching.
I said in a deadly calm tone, "And you should be careful when you are close to me. You can't intimidate me, and I would rather punch you instead of obeying you."
With that, I pushed him forcefully and left that place.

- - -

Arya John, a fighter, and an underground racer of Canada.
Raymond Knight, an heir of the world's biggest business empire, Knight Empire. He is cold, manipulative, and aloof in nature. He has also another identity that he hides from the world.

They met in an unfortunate incident where Arya saved Raymond from someone who threatened Raymond that he would kill her. So, Raymond decided to trick Arya to keep her closer to him.

What happens when Raymond comes to know the person from whom he was trying to save Arya, is actually her relative?


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Mother. Mother was standing on the doorstep. What incredible timing! Arya and his brother became paled to see their mother. With a proud and confident aura. Her eyes were cold. She knew her children had done something unforgivable. Mother's instincts, might I add. She looked like she was ready to punish. Wh……