Falling For My Cousin's Fiance

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Belle Rosemary always felt an attraction towards the I agent Brent Patterson, her best friend's brother but chose to ignore it due to the fact that he despised her for something she never did.

He blamed her for his break up with the woman he thought he was in love with, her cousin Lois who happened to hate her for no apparent reason.

Brent Patterson had finally gotten his wish, the woman he loved had finally forgiven him after years of apologizing .Afraid of losing her again,he asks for her hand in marriage which she quickly accepts.

There just seems to be one thing in the way...her cousin Belle.

When a psycho ex threatens Belle's safety Brent is forced to protect her from him bringing them both closer than before.

Problems arises when one unplanned kiss leads to another---Brent realizes that he might be marrying the wrong cousin and Belle realises that she was falling for her cousin's fiance.


Tags: kidnapfamilypregnantarrogantpowerfulbxg
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