Reaper (Lost Mates book Two)

Emma Mountford Romance

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Reaper lost his mate the moment his second died but he never forgot her. How could he when he was tied to without ever having laid a finger on her. The rose inked onto his skin was a constant reminder that the rash words of his younger self had done so much more damage than death ever could. Little did he know he would meet her again at an interview but she wasn't Rose anymore.

Single Mum Bethany has been running for a long time, ever since the father of her child died. Now she just needs a safe place to hide from her past and protect her daughter. But little did she know she would run straight into Reaper…

"Don't run away from me, Rose." He was right there, behind her. So close she could feel his breath on her neck.
"My name is Bethany," She whirled. "And I didn't run anywhere, I walked."


Tags: fatedsecond chancebadboybadgirlbosssingle mothermermaid/mermenbxg
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