Yours and Mine

Kurojouou Royal Romance

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The girl looked so much like him, it was astounding. Her skin was pale and there was a carelessness about her looks. She looked at him and Jon noticed her grey eyes. She looked like a mirror to him; her dark-hair fell in waves down her shoulder. She wasn't as beautiful as her sister, but there was something very attractive about her. Attractive, striking and wolfish.

He thought of his upcoming marriage with her sister, and realized that he would soon regret his decision.


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Arya turned around in her bed, trying to go back to sleep again. And failed. After a few more tosses and turns, she sat up slowly with a sigh, rubbing her eyes. She drew her knees up to her chest, looking out of the windows into the clear, blue sky. It was mid-morning; she had slept late again.

Irina had been in……