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I was never the woman i am today. It seemed that the earless, charming, beautiful, loving woman with me had died. Standing infront of the mirror i stared at my reflection. Rough scrapy hairs fll of knots, chapped lips with a gash at a side, skin full of cuts. Some new some old. Some had healed while some where healing themselves. My dress had tattered here and here and to say that my wardrobe is full of clothes is an understatement. Because i dont feel like wearing them. I dont because i dont want to wear it for him. I dont want to beautify my self for him. Infact i hate my beauty for even attracting him.
I fear every evening. When the sunsets. When it becomes dark. When the dog cries letting me know of one thing.That one thing which still gives me goosebumps. Those goosebumps which let my numb body know that i have not died yet out of shock. that shock that filterates my mind into thinking that much more is to come. I hate it so much. Do you want to know what it is/


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22nd August 2016

Two years back, 

It was a very important day of her life. Well for every girl it is, isn't it? If it is her marriage day. She sat in front of the mirror as her friends and cousins adorned her with jewels and makeup. Passing jokes and teasing her as she at times laughed and at times gave a shy smile. No one could miss the ……