Priestess of the Dragons' Temple


Amelia Smith Fantasy

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Once, Iola flew with a dragon. If she can become ambassadress to the dragons' realm, she might fly again, but first she must navigate life as an ordinary priestess. She’s wholly devoted to the dragons, but some of her fellow priestesses are dragon-blind and corrupt. Worse, they think that Iola’s devotions are actually just a sign of greed.

The ambassadress returns from the dragons’ realm, too sick to fly again. Iola might have a chance to take her place, but her rival, Tiagasa, was raised in a prince's palace. Tiagasa thrives on political intrigue and gossip, and her lover is about to become governor of the city.

Iola’s few friends and allies aren't much more savvy than she is. Still, they hope to persuade the new governor to make Iola ambassadress so that the temple cam be a true sanctuary of the dragons for a few years more.


Tags: seriousfemale lead
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Chapter 17: Flight-3

Sunna nodded. “I told her to meet us by the back courtyard. You don’t need to go in to her.”

Myril wanted to go in to Iola, but she also wanted to leave the temple. She let loose one glance of unguarded longing to the ambassadress’s gate, then followed Sunna to the tea urn and drank a cup in quick gulps.

Sunna walked to the back cour……