His Angel

Eden Fae Vampire/Werewolf

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Evangeline is the daughter of the Alpha King. Along with her brother they are the most powerful and respect people in both supernatural and the non supernatural world. Along time ago they open the warriors academy.

What happens when she finds her mate who is a student.

Damon, someone with so much potential yet overlooked.

Join them on their journey and discover were it takes them.

Ranked #23 in Alpha king 14th July 2018

Ranked #14 in Warriors on the 6th of October 2018


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"Why cant we open presents now?" Damon whined as I got ready for the day. He was worse than a child, well we'll see.

"Bear, we have to wait for our family and Emmett is still planning for the Christmas ball today so we can open presents just before." I explained while he pouted.