EMDS - #1 - A Congressman's Temptation (MxM)


Rickie Gee LGBT+

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Book one of the Elijah Muhammed Dexter series follows the independent author as he struggles to cope with the failure of his last book. Everyone around seems to know exactly what's missing: his realism. It's how he's become so successful in the business! Determined to regain his lavish status, he takes us through the journey of his life dealing with love and l**t, elite social groups, and a new beginning around every corner.

A crush begins to grow once the Dexter children are summoned back to the family home in Florida. As their father begins his re-elect campaign for Mayor, things behind the scenes are all but silent and still. True identities are revealed, past heartaches have come back from the grave, all while a stellar image must be maintained at all times. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!


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  Here I was. 

  Here I was, back in Florida. My home. Where I grew up. A place I once knew. Now it all seemed foreign. I felt out of place and that I truly didn’t belong here. I knew I shouldn’t have been there, and maybe that was the explanation. 

  I got into the Uber, driving to my parents' house. Somethi……