The Rogue King's Sage Princess


Amanda Starr Fantasy

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Alpha Emrys Lyall is the strongest werewolf in the country. No one comes close to him in strength. He has no mate, but his pack doesn't care that they don't have a Luna. He doesn't want one either. Mates make you weak. When his brother is attacked, all signs point to the neighboring pack. Sabrina is the daughter of the Sage Moon alpha. She just wants to fight with the warriors and find out who put her mother in a coma. She doesn't have time for a mate. So what happens when they discover they are mated to each other? Will they accept one another and work together, or let suspicion tear them apart?

She heard the door to the main SUV open and immediately shifted her eyes to forest behind the cars. She took another deep breath and then looked at the man that was threatening her family. Her breath caught in her throat and her mind cease to think of anything. He was gorgeous. She would normally describe a male as handsome but that didn’t seem accurate for Alpha Emrys. He had midnight black hair, amber eyes that looked like they were glowing with his own inner fire. Tattoos covered his arms, his black t shirt seemed to be molded to his skin. One word floated across her mind. Mate. Her body slowly started to move toward Emrys. She felt like she was floating, her legs seeming to move of their own accord, when an arm reached out and stopped her. She looked at the hand on her arm and up to its owner. Her in brother, Leon, had kept her from moving forward. He was questioning her with his eyes. His steel grey eyes snapped held her sapphire blue ones for a moment.


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Chapter 21

Sabrina blanched at the witch.  

“What do you think you are going to be doing with me?”, she asked to no one in particular.  

“I am going to break your bond with your mate.”, the witch cackled.  Sabrina’s eyes widen.  

“No.”, she gasped.  

“Yes.  When the bond is broken, y……