Dancing with the devil

ImmaMysterious Fantasy

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Book one

Anastasia Richards a girl who was always getting tortured by her father,before a Mysterious handsome Hero appears in her life. He will protect her from every creature,he will always follow her but without her knowledge just to take care that she's appears that he's not just a human,but a devil.

Ana finding her self falling for the devil day by day,but will he fall for her too?


" May I dance with you, Beautiful?"Said a deep voice in British accent behind me.I looked back, seeing handsome guy.Very Handsome.

did he really asked me to dance with him? or Am I dreaming?

"Huh?" This all I said

I noticed him chuckling. "You're not dreaming, Mon Amour(*My love*).I want to dance with you"

Action,Romance,Vampires and Super natural.


Tags: ParanormalDarkPossessiveArrogantDominantDramaTragedySweetDarkDreame2019BxG
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I blanked,he wants me to be his date? Why? Well,I still remember his words to me

"In my heart something is hidden,when I want to say it,I cant. But its just a words I dont know why I cant say it. and when I say those words,I will be relaxed.............I love you,Katerina,You're in……