Doom World: Ans, the Green Monarch

EL_jobian Fantasy

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Sithara. That's the name, that's how she called this parallel world, this ruined world where one day I woke up, somehow, not knowing my name, but holding some of the memories of a world named Earth.
Perhaps I was evil in Earth, I can't remember as I wish, perhaps it was just luck what brought me here. I'll answer those questions on time, but for now, I'll explore this doomed world, this hell.
So, as the saying goes "It's better to rule at hell than serve in heaven", and since this place looks like Hell, I shall rule this Hell; I will fight magic with science and iron, and I will make this world kneel before me for I will bow to no one.
I promised her...


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationkickass heroinegaystraightmagical worldhigh-tech worldlesbianscientist70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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