Undeniable Attraction

S. Maham Hassan Romance

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"Don't think you can get into any women's pant with your charm." the sexy blonde said after slapping me on my face when I tried to kiss her.
"Challenge Accepted," I said, rubbing the cheek where she just slapped me.
"What do you mean? What challenge?" she asks.
"A challenge to make you mine and love you endlessly," I replied, "and that day will come soon when you will be mine and whimpering with pleasure when I am buried ide of you, and I bet you will also fall in love with me. After all, you did say that I have got charms then why shouldn't I use them to make you my woman and fell in love me endlessly." I replied and pecked her lips and walked away before she can slap me again.
Elijah Smith, a young billionaire, went to a fashion show with her sister and looked at the beautiful woman, namely Valentine Jones, and tantly felt attracted to her and stalked her like a mad man. And met with her on different occasions, but that beauty was a tough one who won't give her time to him. Now he will do anything to make her his at any cost. And Elijah Smith always gets what he wants, and he wants Valentine Jones as his wife for eternity. But everything went uphill when a baby came in a stroller in his office and his ex-lover entered in their life.
Now, will Valentine and Elijah be able to get their happy ending or they will lose each other? Or will Valentine accept Elijah's baby in her life?


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