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"She's back, and she has someone else. My Queen is now with someone else. But I won't let anyone have her without a fight, I will fight until she takes me back again."

- Princess Ramos.

"She came back. I didn't know that I will have the sign I prayed to God, and since God gave me his sign, I will do everything just to get her back."

- Winnona Villaraza.

"I've died twice, but I've died thrice when I saw her with someone else. But I promise myself that I'm done with someone else's favor, It's time that I'm choosing what makes me happy, and she makes me happy, so I vowed that when she gets back, I will take her back."

- Amina Silvanus.

"I'm tired of living myself with lies, yes I've done terrible things to her before, but now that she's back, even if it's impossible to take her back, I'll do everything just for her to come back to me."

- Tasha Fuentes.

"My songs were incomplete, I'm incomplete ever since I lost her. I thought the light in me will never glow anymore, but it did because I saw her again, and this time, I won't let her slipped again."

- Georgina Belmonte.

"I'm such an asshole, I broke the heart of the woman I ever love so much, I know I'm a coward. But now that she's back? I won't let my cowardness get through me again. I will take her back, I will fight fair and square."

- Sarah Lacarte.

"And I have one motto in life: I'll bring back what once was mine."

- Lez Girls.


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