The Mafia's Pet (Boy X Boy)


Akihito Rin LGBT+

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"Leave me!" I struggled
"Do mean that even after I paid your boss..I don't get to touch you?" He asked

What the hell is this guy talking about?

"I don't understand a thing you are saying! Just let me go!" I yelled

He grabbed my face roughly..almost digging his nails into it.
"Baby already made me angry enough. Don't make this harder on you." He said and picked me up

"Let go of me you BASTARD!" I yelled
He threw me on the bed and approached me as I backed off
"Didn't you learn that you shouldn't ever curse?" He asked

"What is wrong with you? You are f*****g retard! Let me go. I have to find my d-" he cut me off and kissed me

I hit him with my baby fists but all were in vain.
He slipped his tongue in when I opened my mouth to curse him.

I let out a sound. Damn! Why is this guy kissing me like that?

I was weak due to that kiss. My body just went numb.
I stared at him with a blank Expression
"That's how you are supposed to be. Submissive." He smirked at me


Kevin's dad is working under the Mafia.
In order to protect Kevin from further danger, his father decided to leave the crime world and live his like with Kevin like a happy family.
Just like any other father could have wanted.

But the night when Kevin went to a hotel with his father to a gathering of all the mafia leaders, he mistakenly went into a wrong room.

He got sexually harassed by a man who thought him to be a male escort.
But kevin ran away after he got the chance.
That was his biggest mistake

The man was Zander Forrest, the mafia king.
And now that he laid his eyes on Kevin, he wishes to have him no matter what he has to do



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Chapter Twenty nine

Kevin's POV:

"Eat more!" Grandpa said as he stuffed my mouth with food
"Luke! Don't you dare pick out your vegetables." Grandpa yelled at my big brother making Zander laugh

"This is why you don't get taller.." Zander chuckled
"You're only taller than me by two inches." Luke growled

James still has that serious expr……