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Arch. Aliyah Ledesma, a successful multi-awarded female architect.
Beautiful, intelligent, and famous.
She wished to forget her desolate past she termed as “black days”.
It turned her into an icy-cold and ensitive person.
How can she forget when the cause of that black days implored to be part of her life for good?
The drop-dead gorgeous multi-billionaire Mr. Khalan Weston reappeared -disrupting her peace and refused to shove off no matter how she tried.
Will she have the strength to resist him?
Their second chance started as a game... their ending will also be a game.

One book three relationships.
Three love stories which of them will have a happy ending?
All stories worth your read.

Khalan Weston -34 Billionaire
Aliyah Ledesma 28- Architect – CEO
Their relationship – Back to what?
It started with a game and ending in another game.

Luke Maxwell -26 – Young CEO Billionaire
Khalie Weston 22 – Interior Designer Heiress to a Multi Billionaire
Their relationship – Fire and Rain
It started with a kiss and ending in another kiss?

Alik Weston – 28 – Heir to a Multi-Trillion empire
Elisha Stanley -24 – Simple island girl; Past unknown
Their relationship – Blank Space
It started with fire and ending in a void?
For release: Release November ending December


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