You are mine (#2 In Mine Series)

Ankita Ghosh Suspense/Thriller

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Aaina Raichand : Daughter of Kabir and Darpana Raichand is 24 years old. She is everything a man wants the beauty with brains. But the problem is she doesn't want anything to do with men. She doesn't want to get married or do any relationship. She is an excellent dancer as her mother. But what happens when a Billionaire saw her and got obsessed with her is it only obsession or something else?

Arjun Malhotra : 26 years old billionaire. He isn't like other man's in his age. He doesn't like to sleep around. He believes in true love and he has got it once but lost it. And now he has found the love of his life again or I say obsession.

What will happen when this opposite ends will meet? Will the love bloom or in it will lost in their own battles? Want to know then read further the book.


Tags: BillionaireMurderPossessiveSexSuicideKidnapFamilyHinduForcedOpposites AttractFriends to LoversPregnantArrogantKickass HeroineDramaComedyTwisted
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Chapter - 33

Aaina's pov

I'm sitting here crying. Waiting for anyone to show up. They have took Arishka to the OT and no one is saying anything about her. Soon I saw Arjun Bhai and Bhabhis came. I run and hugged Arjun and cryed on his chest.

"I'm sorry Arjun I couldn't save her. I tried but I couldn't. I'm such a worthless m……