Dominating the Donna

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"Love is just a distraction, sweetheart... Why share power when I can have it all for myself...?" - Donna Aleia Monteverdi.

Aleia Monteverdi. A ruthless queen, insensate in her ways, cunning in everything she does, but yet.. a detached soul.

As Donna of the Monteverdi Family, she is meant to live up to expectations her people and others set for her, or rather be better than their expectations. She is a great leader to her people, looking out for them and protecting them against those that wish to oppose their Family name.

She has the perfect life, everything she's ever wanted... but only one thing is missing...


So what happens when she meets a certain Mario Evalar?

Which their personalities clash or will their bond flourish into something more...?


Tags: ActionGangPossessiveSexArrogantDominantPowerfulMafiaDreameSeed2019BxG
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Everyone in the room remains in a tense silence, all of them glancing at each other before looking at the man who is seconds from deciding the future of the Table.

Donna Aleia keeps her hands out in front of her, her face serious, her eyebrows furrowed into a frown and her dark red lips pressed together. Her eyes carefully scan all the Fam……