Slaves Of Seduction

Iffu Winchester Romance

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She loved him. He lusted her.
She trusted him. He..He didn't value her.

And then when he started developing feelings for her, she walked away.

In this journey filled with lust, yearning, heart break and seduction, the only hope stands

Just because it started with sex, doesn't mean it can't end with love.


Tags: PossessiveSexOpposites AttractSecond ChanceArrogantBadboyGoodgirlBossDramaBxG
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Chapter 24- Let's Fall In Love

He immediately loosened the grip on her wrists and withdrew his body away, the anger inside him miraculously disappearing and turning into extreme agony. Agony he had been trying to suppress ever since the day he had got to know she was getting engaged to Rehan. He died a little everyday as she drifted away from him to finally leave him.
And ……