Dark Illumination

Kate Evangelista Fantasy

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In the beginning there was the light, the dark, and the void.
A balance against the void, light and dark must unite.
Should light and dark fail, the void swallows all.

--From The Scroll of the World


Tags: Karma/DestinyOpposites AttractFriends to LoversArranged MarriageArrogantKickass HeroinePrincePrincessRoyaltyDrama
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Chapter Thirty


The minions were relentless. Serena watched her plan of escape dwindle with each step. In Dillan’s case, staggered. The bleeding had stopped. Her bindings were secure, she was sure of it. But the poison found in the ogre’s claws, poison constant exposure to The Void produced, was soaking deeper into his body. He had been playing it o……