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"Nate get her out by holding her neck and show her real place",Josh said to Natasha.
"No Josh please don't do this with me. I can't live without you Josh. Believe me I will die.Please Josh atleast give me a place in your feet. I don't want to lose you. You are the only happiness I ever got in my life", Avani was pleading and begging to Josh crying her heart out.
"Really. Do you forget in this one year that from where you belong. How do you think I will love a girl who didn't even know who is her real parents even who has no surname.Today I'm giving you the lesson for dreaming of sky high happiness being a poor and orphanage trash",Josh said kicking Avani away who was begging holding Josh feet.
"Josh I'm your wife and.......",before get a chance to say anything more, Natasha dragged Avani out of the house and pushed her outside which make Avani fall.
"It's your suitable place", Natasha said and slammed the huge door by closing the entrance of Avani in Josh life for forever.
What hurts the most Is when you trust and love someone blindly and that person proves to you that you're really blind which also happens with Avani when She thought she really find his true love whom she can trust blindly. But she had to face cruel betrayal from her beloved person which she never imagined even in her nightmare. Josh was succeeded to broke Avani as he wanted and Avani was also lost interest to live anymore.
Is it will gonna be the end of the duration of their love or there will be a new beginning?

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80. Epilogue

Author's POV:
"Josh, what's wrong with you? Why you drink at this time? You're not fully recovered", Avani asked with concern in her voice.
"Am I drunk? Oh, yeah... I'm", Josh said while laughing but the sadness still visible in his laugh also.
"Le... Let's go to the room", Avani took him in another bedroom as she doesn't want A……