Broken Boy

weirdodrey Teen fiction

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broken beyond repair,
the knight in distress.

a fallen angel to the rescue,
a damsel in an armor.

healing wounds depict time,
whereas fading scars tell their story.

falling tears, shedding blood,
once you start, you cannot stop.


He thought everything was perfect.

He thought his future was clear.

What he didn’t know was how to face the ugliest of realities.

He felt alone, despite the people surrounding him.

He felt weak. He felt ashamed.

He took the blame when he wasn’t supposed to.

In his darkest days, he found the light he thought he wouldn’t see. With his best strength he could find, he tried to hold on to it.


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note: play Blessed by Daniel Caesar while listening to this chapter.

- J O S H U A -

I honestly never thought I would ever be genuinely happy without Lis by my side.

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With ……