Valiant Princess

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Upon being reborn, she knows that she has to change. She has to change so that her family will be saved from the man that she loves. In this lifetime, she'll choose her beloved family, her loyal servants and her precious kingdom. Love is no longer an option.

One princess said with her sword points exactly to where his heart is, "Once, you have come to this moment too. Once, you have decided to stab this princess. Once, this princess's life is ended because of you."

That man, for once in his life, gives up on his fight, "Kill me. Stab me through my heart and end my life. I should have learned to love you but I have failed to do so."


Tags: RevengeReincarnationKarma/DestinySecond ChanceArranged MarriageKickass HeroineRoyaltyTragedyComedyEpic Length
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101: How it started

"Your Royal Highness, your magic spatial space is so beautiful! It looks like a whole new kingdom here."

Crown Princess Long Fenghuang smiles as she watches Bailu checking her space happily. She let him be as she knows that some of the spirit beasts are there to keep a watch on him while he is off to nowhere. A child will always be a chil……