The Virgin Vagabond


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Kesia is one day drawn into an apartment when she passes on the street outside. As it turns out, that is the start of an adventure she could never have dreamed of. Suddenly she finds herself caught up an adult game of hide and seek that reaches across the whole world. As she travels from country to country with a dashing man by her side they slowly start to realize that the game is not as innocent as they first thought. They find themselves fighting for their lives and all they want is to get back home in one piece.


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Chapter 15

After searching ”Anna Karenina" and ”Berlin” Kesia found out that there was a musical based on the book that played in a theatre not too far from the hotel. She showed it to Luke.

”That is definitely worth checking out” he said and called the box office. ”Yes, we would like two tickets for Anna Karenina tonight” he said. ”What? Sold out? B……