The Faet Within

H. Napady Fantasy

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In this world, the Fae are all around. Next to you in line at the coffee shop. Your next door neighbor or best friend growing up. The Fae look and act like humans, for the most part anyway. You can tell if someone is a Fae simply by looking at their aura. Fae are filled with so much magic, even humans can see their auras. There;s no science to telling what kind of Fae you're looking at. There's only o ways to know; if they trust you or if you're Fae yourself and they like you.


Isobel is the Princess of the Eastern Kingdom, known to humans as England and Scotland. She would much rather spend her time in her garden back at the castle, but tead she's at the reception for a human royal wedding. Hopefully she could drink her night away, flirt with some humans and get back to her garden before it was too late.

Austin wants nothing to do with this so called "royal wedding" and the humans he would have to interact with. As Prince of the Western Kingdom, or Ireland and Wales to the humans, he had better things to do than to waste it at a party, stuck with dottering old grandmothers doting on the bride or wistfully remembering their younger days. It made him want to jab an ice pick in his ear.

When Isobel and Austin are pushed together, they make a deal that will change their lives forever. Will they ovee the obstacles fate seems to keep throwing at them? Or will it be the downfall of them all?


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