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Uproar Dobby Fantasy

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How do you leave a life you've known for so long to live a completely new one?

Well, that's exactly what happened to me, Stephanie Vastia. Living with my mother for nieen years was a breeze, she was my best friend and we had a perfect life together, however when things go too perfect in your life the universe decides to mess you up. Mom died of a strange illness no doctor knew about, on her death bed she made me swear I would live with my father, and you know how death bed wishes go, you need to fulfill them. But did I mention I've never met my father since I was born?

After a year I say "what the heck?", and pack my bags to start a new life with my mysterious father, however, I'm starting to regret my decision because this place reads all kinds of red flags, what exactly was the reason why mom ran from dad?


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