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"Come here, baby," He croaked his pointer finger and motioned for her to lean towards him.

As soon as the omega walked towards him with a shy smile on her face, he stood up. The Alpha thumbed at her bottom lip, spreading a dab of slick so her rosy lips were sheened. Aria licked his thumb and before she could engulf him into her mouth he retracted his hand.

"Stand there baby" He sternly said to which the omega shakily pushed her feet towards the pointed direction. As he walked towards her the omega shuddered, "Bend over the bed."

"Yes, Daddy," Aria sniffled, quickly complying. She spread her legs and leaned over the mattress. Her forearms pressed agat the bed as her back was perfectly arched.

"Why are you getting punished, Aria?" He asked as he brushed his finger lightly agat her hip

"I was a brat," She whimpered.

"Exactly," He said and swatted the other cheek ignoring the way she squirmed and made a throaty sound.

The first time Xander Donati met Aria Jenk was ten years ago. He was the rogue that her father rescued. The Alpha was drawn to the innocent omega tantly. But Elvis, Aria's father sent him away for further education and Xander never returned, focused on creating his own pack.

Years later when he recieves the news that the entire Jenk clan passed away. The Alpha is devastated but later he finds out that Aria is the last one left and he is her legal guardian. Not only that he also realises that she is his mate.

Will he be able to fight his attraction for her? Or finally make her his mate?


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