Yes, Alpha (Dominant Series #2)

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"Mmmh...yes," Aria moaned her back arched, "Feels so good daddy... Please more... more"

The omega squealed as the Alpha raised from his seat with his finger hitting deeper inside her and sat on his knees in front of her. The smell of her slick was driving him crazy and that's the only thing he could breathe.

He settled himself between her thighs on his knees and threw her legs on his shoulder, "Has anyone ever eaten your pussy, baby?"

The Alpha knew she was a virgin. Her father was a strict Catholic, he would have never allowed her to have a boyfriend. The innocent omega opened her eyes at him and shook her head.

The Alpha purred, satisfied at the answer and leaned down to leave kisses on the inside of her thighs, enjoying the pretty whines and whimpers leaving her mouth.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy baby?" He questioned lifting his head.

"Yes Alpha" She whimpered.

The first time Xander Donati met Aria Jenkins was ten years ago. He was the rogue that her father rescued. The Alpha was drawn to the innocent omega instantly. But Elvis, Aria's father sent him away for further education and Xander never returned, focused on creating his own pack.

Years later when he recieves the news that the entire Jenkins clan passed away. The Alpha is devastated but later he finds out that Aria is the last one left and he is her legal guardian. Not only that he also realises that she is his mate.

Will he be able to fight his attraction for her? Or finally make her his mate?


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Part 33

Aria was excited. She couldn't believe that it was finally happening. Xander was finally acknowledging her and taking out to dinner. Maybe he wanted to say that he regretted the decision. She hoped that. Ever since she lost her family Xander was the only constant thing in her life. She wanted to belong to someone and have someone.