Mated to a Werewolf


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"You are an idiot." I say to him.
He walks to the bed and lies on it like he owns the place.
"Yep, and I'm all yours." He puts his arms behind his head looking cocky.
I sigh. "Why are you here?"
"We're best friends right, best friends hang out together." He says giving me a smug smile.
"Yea you're right, and that's all we'll ever be." I say being cheeky.
"You wish." He says lowly.
I roll my eyes and yawn feeling tired. "Well you came for no reason, I'm going to sleep."
"That's even better, I can guarantee you that in my arms you'll sleep ten times better."
"You are NOT staying over." I point my finger at him.
He smiles but makes no attempt at leaving.
I cross my arms. "Hunter you are leaving now."
"No, I'm not." He shakes his head closing his eyes like he's resting.
I look at him annoyed.
He puts an arm over his head. "You want me gone, then you have to come here and get me out your self."
(Yea and fall in to your trap, I think not. I know exactly how to get you out.)
I open the door and Nala runs in jumping on the bed, one look at Hunter and she starts hissing at him.
"LIL! That's not fair." He says sprinting back to the window with Nala running after him. He climbs out but sticks his head in.
"Fight me all you want Lil, but you are mine." He blows a kiss and jumps down. I panic and run to the window but the asshole is fine and I sigh in relief.
Before he gets ide the car he turns to me and gives me a cocky smirk.
"He is persistent."


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