Sweet Treats and Deadbeats

Dreamquill Romance

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Declan Walsh is a lonely disgraced Hollywood writer with deep scars from his tragic past. He finds solace in yoga and other naturist hobbies. Madison Smith is a single mother juggling two kids while also running a diner. One sultry night unites these broken hearts for eternity.


Tags: DarkOne-night StandFamilySecond ChancePregnantSingle MotherCelebrityDramaTragedySweet
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CHAPTER 20: Epilogue

Four Years Later…


“Um, it’s nice,” I said, staring at the small diamond stud in Declan’s ear. He was having a tiny midlife crisis and this was just the latest phase.

“You really like it?”

I always tried to be as encouraging to Declan as he was to me so I replied, “Yeah…it’s……