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Jimena Aragon.

She is believed to be the most powerful vampire to ever lived. Why? She is a vampire royalty, and she has blood of a powerful sorceress running through her ve. She is a young protege , who is the king's most prized possession. An heir to the throne.

But then the greedy council want the vampire kingdom for themselves, and they see Jimena as a child who doesn't deserve such privilege. So, what did they do? They hired assass to kill her, and the king.

Hundreds of years passed, the council ruled the vampire kingdom with greed and tilled fear to every person under their reign. The king and the name Jimena was now nothing but a bedtime story.

Jaimee Zaragosa

A human girl who works for a vampire noble house. A weak yet headstrong human who openly opposes the council. Does the council see her as a threat or a scrumptious meal?

What will happen when a series of murders causes a stir in an already troubled kingdom? Who is responsible for all those murders? People can only say o words.

White Devil


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