Auctioned off to a School for Magic

Jasmine Kennedy YA&Teenfiction

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Ruth a human psychic witch was sold to a school for magic at the age of eleven by her father. There she meets Jezebeth a demon/mage hybrid who was taken from her father by the school to learn under them. At the age of fifteen these girls are now best friends and vow to become stronger than the officers at the school and break out together. Their alliance and goal might lead to destruction or it might lead to a love that can never be broken.

"Sometimes I don't even think I belong here..." I said as I witness the destruction I caused with telekinesis.
Jezebeth held my hand tightly and her eyes watered. "If you don't belong here than neither do I." I knew she'd always be at my side but at what cost?
Book o of my auctioned off to series but can be read separately as it is it's own complete story.


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