His Unknown Daughter(Klaus Mikaelson Story)

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Caroline Forbes is queen,Klaus Mikaelson is king but neither of them know of each other. Caroline has been traveling the world for the past 10 years and she decides to go back to her home,Mystic Falls,Virginia. But when she arrives back home she soon realises that her people are facing a great danger of a king and his army,but Caroline will not give in,she will fight for her people like the queen she really is,the new king is going to have hell to pay for messing with Caroline's subjects. But the thing is Caroline is 900 years old,but she has her own sire line and she is not a Mikaelson. What happens when people start finding out Caroline's many secrets,when some secrets are better left in the past,left so no-one can find them,when Caroline's secrets get unraveled will people see her the same,will they hate her,will they feel more safe,or will they feel they are in even more danger than they were with just Klaus(the king) in town. What will happen when everyone finds out what she's done,who she is,what she is,and who she's related to. Caroline is dangerous and she knows it to,but it's only a matter of time before everyone else does to.


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