His Submissive


Jazmyne Jones LGBT+

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Jesus left him, he thought going to England would make him stop thinking about Sven. That he could forge his own path and finally find someone who saw his worth. Saw it and wanted it for themselves. After four months of being in England, Jesus finally did find someone.

Jamie Coldman was a good guy. Smart, handsome, sweet. He was the most loving and sweetest guy Jesus had ever met and with all his cute little quirks and habitats, Jesus honestly should be madly in love.

But he wasn't. He was bored senseless, he was surprised by how badly he wanted Jamie to become more dominant. More aggressive, more passionate. Jesus found himself missing being spanked, being controlled, being told right from wrong. Being punished.

And with a sexy ex coming back into the picture who promised all that and more now, Jesus is left wondering if he wanted to be claimed or if he wanted to be in love?



Tags: second chancedominantsubmissivedramatragedysweetbxbWriting challenge
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Five Years Later...

Sven had never thought life was like a movie or book. He didn't believe in "And they all lived happily ever after..." because in real life, happily ever after, usually ended after the honeymoon. Or when kids were involved. 

But no. 

He and Jesus after a year of marriage were still bright as the sun and madly in love. After ……


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