My Warlock Mate

Nekohara Mimi Vampire/Werewolf

1997 reads

Harley tried to avoid the maximum he could to return to Mingan's territory, after discovering that his Soulmate lived happily in there with her husband... However, finally, the requests from Penelope to come to Jackson's third birthday triumphed over him when she promised he could stay in the Pack's house without having to go into the Town, no risking see his Soulmate, making his smile while talking in the phone.

Yet, nothing went as planned! He started to help Elizabeth, Penelope's best friend whose fiance just broke with her after finding his Mate, and everything got more confused when the She-wolf starts to feel something more for him, even if in the past she was the one who tried to make him and Penny a couple.

What should he do now when he can't stop thinking about his Soulmate, yet he doesn't want to hurt Elizabeth's feelings when she was already hurt by her ex-fiance, even if she tries to look strong. And what Eli should do when her Mate finally appear before her? Will the She-wolf accept him?

Book 2 of Mingan's Curse Series!
Recommended read first 'Reborn as Wolf!' for a better understanding of the story ->


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