The Demon's Substitute Bride

LaurG Fantasy

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Daemon Loukas is furious, he had dreamt of the day he'd finally claim the angel Angelisa Laquintta as his own but the blasted angel refused him and tead offered her half sister, Aella, a half blood to him. He needed someone to take his anger out on and Aella was going to be the lucky one to experience his full wrath.

Aella Challis is unaware of her angel background, in fact she believes that there only exists humans on earth. That is, until she starts having dreams of an incredibly handsome man that seemed to have come straight out of an erotic fantasy movie. Each night he's seducing her in different ways, taking more of her every time. Aella knows something is up especially when she starts seeing the man from her dreams in real life, but she swears she's hallucinating for she's the only one that sees him, Aella wasn't one to back down without a fight, she wanted answers and she was going to get them.


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