The Coach


Kiara Colón Romance

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Sebastian Bradford, Architect and named the sexiest businessman in the city, for someone like him, his job was starting to get tedious and aggravating. He wanted to try a different career while still being the one of the richest man in the country. A break didn't sound so bad, right?

That is until he finds out there is a position open at his little sister's high school as the football coach. With his past experience as a quarterback he decided to try it.

With the help of special educations teacher and coach's assistant, Zoey Torres, he will try to prove he can handle both jobs. Not to mention, dealing with the kindest teacher in school and a bunch of rowdy teenagers.

Will he be able to pull it off, or will he regret it?


Tags: billionaireopposites attractinspirationalbossdramabxgcityhighschooloffice/work placefootballMulti-professional Billionaire Writing Contest
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