Notes of a madman


Mari Angel Pain Paranormal

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The ninth of September on dirty calendar... This is the beginning of my life.
How old am I? Well, I guess, 50 or even older, but my hair isn't gray yet.
I don't know, why i'm here... Why?! How could it be, i'm normal guy, why i am in a mental hospital? I'm normal man... normal, normal, NORMAL!!!!!!! It's just a headache...
So, it's beginning... I'm Charlie Bauer, man without past...


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#11. There is no way back...

... I hit the back of my head on a twig.
How long have I been here?" How many seconds, minutes, hours, days, years?
The wristwatch doesn't work. The glass in them shattered into three pieces.
—Honey, we need to mess up your defenses so we can get to you.—Gina was missing something. It was as if my wife had stumbled upon an invisible bou……