Hitman's Hunt

Taif Alkabi Other

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Jayvyn Lionel is who gets paid to kill, he is on the run, though no one saw his face even once. He was hired much time by mafias to kill. It didn't matter to him who was it? or why? he just killed. He is who we called a hitman, and he is called Von. But after all, even if he's dangerous and heartless, he is a human who is suffering from aplastic anaemia.

Griselda Elior used to be an intelligent and smart detective. She was strong, flawless, loveable and respected. She wanted the best for her brother and her only family. Her mother and father were detectives too When she was sixteen they were killed by a shotgun while working. She never knew she will lose her brother, the only one left for her, because of her. She lost her parents, her brother and the consequence was losing her sight.

What will happen when she is his next mission? Will he be as usual? Will he just kill? Will he dare to kill a blind woman? Will he just give up on his mission? Will he take risks for her?


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