The Dark Inheritance


H.Terra YA&Teenfiction

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Serah awoke in a hospital, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, with no recollection of her past or even her identity. With the help of the family who found her unconscious in a graveyard, she has to struggle to adapt to her unfamiliar surroundings while trying to recover her memories. Everything and everyone around her feels hostile and even ominous, especially her benefactor's step-son, the mysterious but sinfully handsome Asher Wilde. As if she didn't have enough to deal with, supernatural occurrences suddenly start happening around her, repeatedly placing her at risk. She's about to uncover a dark secret world with creatures, some friendly and others lethal and vicious. The worst is that they are hiding in plain sight, even in the form of familiar friendly faces. With the help of Asher, she fights back the foes aiming for her life while trying to uncover the truth about her. As more of the mysteries are unraveled, she realizes that her real identity might not be a simple one, after all. Old buried secrets are about to be revealed and ancient evils will be awakened while friends turn to foes. Will Serah be able to survive long enough to see all the chaos to its conclusion?


Tags: revengefatedkickass heroinebxgmysterygeniusvampirehighschoolself discoversupernaturalYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Chapter 113

The Tremere Faction had taken to preying on humans relentlessly each night, venturing out in several small groups to increase their chance of success. It came to the point that the number of victims numbered to at least a dozen everyday. The hunters and the Ventrue Faction have been trying their best to stop them but it still proved difficult to……


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