Wings of Darkness

Fatima Zaidi Fantasy

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She is an enchantress,
Making me feel so wrong,
Her face stuck in my mind,
Like a melodious song.

Xander is now a demon. He is walking hate, blood and evil! And he is too powerful. But one thing he couldn't get his mind off is the kiss from an unfamiliar girl. Seeing her in his dreams, in reflections and when he closes his eyes, Xander is exasperated by her endless thoughts.
In a misconception that she is some evil witch who caste a spell on him...Alexander now the Prince of Hell, breaks the rules yet again to meet her himself while Freya heartbroken; waits for her guardian angel not knowing he is no more an angel!

Threads of Fate tangle as Xander works through his conflicted thoughts towards the girl he once loved but now doesn't remember!

Sequel to : Wings of Desire.


Tags: ParanormalPossessiveReincarnationKarma/DestinyBadboyPowerfulRoyaltyKingDramaDarkDreame2019
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                                No matter the memories,

                                No matter the time,

                                For me, love is you,

                                And you are mine.


Freya woke up to the sound of alarm and groaning she switched it off.……