Viraai: Determination

Patience Mweemba Vampire/Werewolf

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Book 2 of the Viraai Series.

In the world today, if you ask someone what a Werewolf is, they would tell you that we are untamed beasts of the night, slaves to the Moon, able to change into a Wolf and then back to human again. Most of this is true. Yes, we are able to 'shift' between human and Wolf, but we choose to stay in our human forms, because that is the part of us that wants to be civilized, be a part of this fast-changing world, blend in with the people around us who aren't like us. We aren't beasts either, and we are most definitely not slaves to the Moon. The Moon gives our power and strength and we are grateful for the power it supplies us.

In Werewolf hierarchy there are three main ranks, the Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The Alpha is the highest and most important rank.

I'm an Alpha. But I'm not exactly the Alpha stereotype.

People think I'm weak, broken, fragile... And I hate it. I don't want to be labeled as 'The Weak Alpha' anymore. I want to be stronger, faster, smarter. Be basically what an Alpha is supposed to be. I'll have to train not only my Pack but myself as well to rise us up from the dark ashes my Parents left behind when they passed. I want to crush the cliché and prove everyone wrong by showing them that I can be more than what my parents were.

It's going to be hard, but I'm ready.

Name you ask?

Allison Savauge.

Alpha Allison Savauge.

Yes, I am a Female Alpha, does that come as a surprise? Well tough luck honey.


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