Pregnant By My Bully

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Aaliyah Fox had a rough life while growing up. She was bullied for where she lived, what job her mom had, how she has no dad, and the typical one because she was ugly. She didn't have any friends. They either didn't want anything to do with her or because they were afraid to catch an unwanted disease from the trailer park that Aaliyah lived in.

With no friends to help her out, Aaliyah had to suffer through the bullying that she got every day. It wasn't just because she had no friends to stand up for her, it was because no one wanted to stand up to Tyson Bradford, Rydell High School's star boy, and Aaliyah's bully.

So what happens when a project is assigned in one of the many classes Aaliyah and Tyson share forcing Aaliyah to go over to Tyson's, only to have sex with Tyson and get kicked out of the house the next minute?

More importantly, what happens when Aaliyah falls pregnant with Tyson's baby?


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I trail my hands down my body, a smile forming on my face as I look down at the white material hanging onto my body. My mother smiled at me through the mirror, her hands zipping up my dress.

"You look beautiful Aaliyah." She whispers wiping a tear away from her eye.

I smile at my mother and turn around pul……