My Lonely Demon

Serena Fantasy

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'What I won’t give to just be an average girl.
Average means being comfortable around people
Average means not to be noticed by someone
Average means boring.'
Rosalie thought to herself

Roselie has a soul that attracts trouble. Her blessing has been a curse, so when she came to a new town, she expected her life to be a little less adventurous then it had been her entire life. She expected to be an average girl, but no one gets what they wish for especially when your first love has been a beautiful, hot, jaw-dropping Demon.

Augustine has escaped Hell on one condition and he would go to any end to keep his end of the bargain with the devil himself. Or so had he thought before a certain girl enters his life and makes his life hell itself. But there is something about that girl which makes him ane and he doesn’t know what he is losing yet.


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