Doomsday: Ultimate Survivor

Maskman Suspense/Thriller

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When doomsday strikes, how can you survive? Hide in your house with as much food as possible, waiting hopelessly for help? Or wander around the dangerous world for shelter while being attacked by all kinds of ferocious creatures like zombies? Or build your own new home for a possibly terrible life? You’ll never know until…

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Tags: ParanormalSuspenseThrillerCultDarkZombiePost-apocalypseDoomsdaySensitivePowerfulBxG
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Chapter 39-2 A Zombie Or A Human

James volunteered before he arrived, but when he did see thousands of zombies in the doorway and the way they shot zombies and zombie dogs on the way, he was a little scared.


Eric teased him a little, saying, “Well. James, since you’re a biology guy, you can just think of these things as lab specimens. Don’t be so slow. As……