Ava Ever After


L. L Brooks Romance

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Ava's new risqué job brought Thom into her life. The hot brown-eyed, blonde swept her feet right out from underneath her. He was a dream that took her breath away and made her world spiral in a whole new direction.
She was awful at keeping secrets but Thom was one secret she was going to keep, no matter what.

Business magnate, Thom Dupont had everything a forty-seven-year-old man could wish for, fast cars and even faster women that fell at his feet on a regular basis. But none of the notches on his bedpost had made his body react like the new waitress at his club, Ava Leigh. She was different and he fell for her the minute he laid eyes on her.

Ava thought she had everything juggled and hidden perfectly, until Thom showed up in the same hotel she was vacationing at and she realised just how right she had been to keep him a secret. He was a secret so wrong that she risked losing everything.


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Chapter Twenty

Ava extended her foot to ease the cramp that was threatening the back of her leg. She was wearing black stiletto pumps with lace stockings that made her legs look more slender than she remembered. Placing her hand on the pole, she gently but purposely leant against it, giving a slight boost of her feet to add extra momentum.

“A lit……